Continue to Keep Going Together in the Second Half of 2020

How time flies! It has been July. With the end of the first half of the year,
everyone begins to plan the next step of work.
There is a clear dividing line between the first half and the second half for GreenShip,
including organizing the work, making and promoting work plans.
The second half of the year is a new beginning.

The scientific research department is constantly developing and optimizing high-quality products that are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly with the great appearance; the design department is carefully designing the visual content to make the packaging boxes, internal labels and other accessories look more delicate; the business department is constantly improving their business capabilities, and let more people know about our products; the factory employees take each product seriously, as well as the logistics department, all contribute their efforts to the development of GreenShip. We believe our team that keeps going forward can be known by more people.

Using horticultural products to decorate is our pursuit of the quality of life in a family. It has strong personal characteristics and brings you great satisfaction and happiness. GreenShip company has been cultivating garden products for more than 20 years. Our products have unique characteristics. From R&D to production, our company with rich experience and strong production capacity is your optimal choice for garden products. If you have any needs for garden products, you are welcome to consult us~