GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots New Image, New Future

All things in nature obey this law: start in spring, grow in summer, harvest in autumn and store in winter. It seems like the development of everything.

It took us the whole summer to re-position the brand. So in the early autumn, we brought a new brand——GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots to the SPOGA+GAFA exhibition and the Expo Nacional Ferretera exhibition, letting globally horticulture enthusiasts get the charm of handmade flower pots and know the power of Chinese brand.

Spoga gafa is the world’s leading fair of horticulture and garden life, and we are invited as a world-class manufacturer of flower pots and gardening products every year.
At this exhibition, we brought various deco pots, such as handmade pots and black-sesame pots. Classic handmade pots are all made by hands with oriental charm.
You can not only use it to plant and decorate but also make it be a display; the appearance of black-sesame pots is filled with irregular black spots, and they look like a great many stars at night from a distance. So beautiful! To match GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots, we brought S display selves, which are designed with reference to trees in nature.
It is natural and unique, better to display our handmade pots.

Lots of customers have praised our new image of GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots this time.
At the exhibition, many buyers expressed that they want to be our brand partners.
Not only that, some familiar customers then directly signed the strategic cooperation agreement, which gave us more confidence in the future development of GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots.
The SPOGA+GAFA exhibition is over, and let’s look forward to the Expo Nacional Ferretera exhibition form September 5 to 7, 2019.

Are you willing to be our brand partner of GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots?