Focus on 126th Canton Fair | Good Signs for GREENSHIP

The autumn harvest is about to start. The second phase of the 126th Canton Fair is held at the Pazhou exhibition building in Guangzhou. We are the world-class manufacturer of deco pots and gardening products and this is the 35th year of our participation in the Canton Fair. In fact, the Canton Fair has already become an important place to show products in GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots and LIUHOME·Aged Thatch Hut of company to our customers and friends. The booth numbers are #5.1A 06,07,08 and #5.1B 17,18, 19. We sincerely welcome new and old friends to come.

At this session of the Canton Fair, we mainly display the landscape garden series, classical series and brand strategic product series of GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots as well as thatch hut and fences of LIUHOME·Aged Thatch Hut. Among them, the indoor landscape garden series is highly praised by new and old customers. Pots in this series are specially designed for creating indoor gardens in hotels and airports. Using pots to quickly assemble various styles of indoor gardens, wall-like landscape projects, and hanging gardens, which is convenient, clean and high-quality. In addition, as the new products launched by our company, the handmade pots series has also attracted the attention of many new and old customers. Mr. Liu Zixue, the chairman of our company, created this unique series through following the design concept of “returning to nature” and imbuing with his personal thinking about life and nature.

In the five days of the exhibition, we not only cemented the relationship with the old customers, but also made many new friends with our high-quality, novel products and professional services. It has laid a good foundation for the brand strategic cooperation agreement in future.

Thank you for coming to the 126th Canton Fair. Looking forward to meeting you again in the next Canton Fair.