Home Garden With Handmade Pots Of GreenShip Is Becoming A Natural Paradise For Children In The Outbreak.

Home garden created with handmade pots of GreenShip can make children happy to play even if they have to stay at home. Different kids have different fun in home gardens. Let’s take a look at what fun they have found.

Angela loved gardening
She was looking at soil and wanted to know the long roots.

( GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S-11P Chocolate )

These handmade pots are carved with blooming roses pattern on the surface.
The color of pots was similar to that of her watch. Angela loved it at first sight.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S-UK29 / S-UL38 new terracotta)

This is the advantage of decorative pots. Changing plants or watering will not stain her room.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: 15CFH taupe)

It was the first time for Jason to plant.
Encouraged by mother, Jason watered plants for the first time.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S-11T35 light grey)

The afternoon sun was warm and made people feel drowsy.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S-10BD38 bronze and black)

In the afternoon, She had a picnic with mother in the home garden.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S38 terracotta / light grey )

They were playing hide and seek.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: YS40 black and chocolate)

From these little stories provided by e-friends, we can see that children really like such environment. Home garden created with handmade pots of GreenShip is better for the environment. It is the best place for children to play and get close to nature. GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots, hot sales in 76 countries, decorative pots used up to 20 years. Now we are leading the trend of flower pot industry.