Landscape Garden

Pots in landscape garden series are specially designed for creating indoor gardens in hotels and airports. Using pots to quickly assemble various styles of indoor gardens, wall-like landscape projects, hanging gardens and rooftop gardens, and it is convenient to install and disassemble. As deco pots, they are easy for you to replace plants and keep from leaking while watering, making the ground clean.

Rooftop Gardens

Warm sunshine
Soft winds
Shady plants
Sit lazily on the lounge
Fragrance lingers around the tip of the nose
Look at the view of cloudless sky
Listen to the sound of flute in the distance
Be active in thoughts
Half of the soul is in heaven, half in the world

Indoor Gardens (low)

Life is a journey
We are busy in different cities
Airport is our transfer station
Hotel is our habitat
Try to stop
Plants are everywhere
Within reach
Willing to be close to nature

Indoor Gardens (high)

Look for a quiet place from busy life
Regardless of summer or winter
Indoor gardens are always green
A book
A cup of hot drink
Waiting for the joy of reunion
More chaotic, more peaceful

Hanging Gardens

Use the high space
Unlimited stacking
Lush branches and leaves
up or down
Glance at this fresh and bright green
Warmth fills the air