What do you want to send on Mother’s Day? It is GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots!

Today is Mother’s Day. In such a special holiday,
what gift do you want to give to your mother? Lipsticks? Flowers? Cakes?
No, that’s nothing new!
GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots is the most suitable and pleasant gift.
Put lovely green plants in the handmade flower pot, and place them in the living room, in the bedroom, or on the balcony. They grow in the sunny area. This is also an example of our growth, representing our infinite gratitude to mother and also including the warmth and expectation of family.

Making by hands. Let me hold you.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: 19D10H, 19D10)

Small ornaments on the desk, hope you could enjoy reading at any time.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: 18A22 white stone)

You are always beautiful and bright. If you are depressed occasionally, I will encourage you in time.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: Y17SU even mouth)

Elegant life, every day is comfortable.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: K2-11T chocolate)

Elegant color and delicate lines, flower arrangement series makes you feel romantic.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: S-15TH, S-11S24 charcoal)

Create a green hanging garden on your balcony.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: D-11HD30)

The best choice for decorating garden fences and balcony railings.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: 12E30)

Vegetable planting series provides the freshest vegetables for family.

(GREENSHIP·Handmade Pots: 15UG76, 15UG100)

Thank mother for giving us life and caring for our growth.Choose handmade pots of GREENSHIP as Mother’s Day gifts, and hope to bring surprise to your mother, warm and touched. GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots, hot sales in 76 countries, decorative pots used up to 20 years. Now we are leading the trend of flower pot industry.