Look Back on Wonderful Moments of GreenShip in 2019 Continue to Keep Going Together in 2020!

A fresh start in a new year.
The year 2020 is coming quickly and quietly. All staff in GreenShip wish you a happy New Year. Chinese people call 2020 the year of the mouse.
Wish you endless happiness and wealth.

Look back on this busy, but very productive year.
Let’s review some exciting moments:

On June 26th, GreenShip (stock code: 100265) was successfully listed
at the Central China Equity Exchange.

On June 9th, senior executives in GreenShip organized
the strategic positioning and practical seminar.

On June 18th, GreenShip Marketing Center organized
strategic positioning and practical training.

On October 8th, GreenShip Marketing Center organized the super product training.

January-March PK

April-June PK

July-September PK (the seventh year finished)

October-December PK

On April 8th, GreenShip was invited to participate in
the 13th China Henan International Investment & Trade Fair.

On April 15th, GreenShip, as the “resident guest”,
participated in the 125th Canton Fair.

On June 11th, Thatch hut from LIUHOME was displayed at IAAPA Asia Expo.
It’s amazing!

On September 1st, GreenShip attended the Spoga gafa as usual.

On September 5th, GreenShip attended Expo Nacional Ferretera.

On October 23rd, GreenShip attended the 126th Canton Fair.

GreenShip has experienced so much in 2019, growth, gain, joy, and pain and hardship of transformation.
With continuous learning and improvement, we are becoming more international and professional.

The most memorable thing in 2019 was to establish our own brands: GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots and LIUHOME · Aged Thatch Hut.
These two brands let everyone see our glory and brilliance of brand road, and let customers see the future and hope of brand development.
In 2020, we will continue to keep going together and promote GREENSHIP · Handmade Pots and LIUHOME · Aged Thatch Hut to farther places.