Made of high-quality HDPE material, non-toxic, eco friendly, and UV resistant, can withstand extreme weather conditions. It perfectly imitates the appearance and texture of natural thatch, but avoids all of its defects, it has a much longer life span than natural thatch. It is maintenance-free, so once installation, you can enjoy your thatched roof for decades with peace of mind. We can also provide Class A or Class B fire proof options.


Why is LIUHOME thatch roofing better than natural thatch?

Material we used is 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, it has natural looking and it’s almost indistinguishable from the natural thatch but without the natural problems such as rot, decay, fading or an additional annual cost for maintenance so you can save your time and money. Although the natural thatch may cost you less initially but LIUHOME thatch roofing is a long-term investment so the total cost over the life span is less than natural thatch.

Are LIUHOME products waterproof?

All the LIUHOME products is waterproof but it only means that the product itself are waterproof and will not rot after the rain. But only the thatch roof sheet is 100% rainproof. And for thatch roof tile it is not rainproof,if it is necessary to prevent rain, the roof of the building must be protected from rain, such as membrane under the thatch roof tile.

What is the life span of LIUHOME thatch roofing?

Our LIUHOME thatch roofing is sturdy durable and with a life span up to 20 years.

What kind of maintenance does LIUHOME products require?

NONE: Our products is maintain free and worry free.

What kind of warranties does LIUHOME provide?

LIUHOME promised to provide A 10-years limited warranty for our thatch roof products.

Are LIUHOME products wind resistant?

According to tests, LIUHOME products can resist winds of up to 260 km/h. They have survived category 5 hurricanes and even tornadoes.

Can I install LIUHOME products myself?

YES: full instructions on how to install LIUHOME products are available. Many Do –It-Yourself enthusiast can install it easily. Although the procedure is somewhat simple, it does require some manual ability or experience. A professional roofer may prove useful in some instances.

Are LIUHOME for commercial or residentials use? 

LIUHOME Products can be used on all project types and sizes. LIUHOME has been used on everything from world-class amusement parks & resorts to residential homes all over the world.

Does the colour fade over time?

In fact everything will be faded over the long run due to sun rays, but since our products have been tested for 1500 hours Anti-UV test and got the Anti-UV certificate, so the fading is very very slow and does not affect the quality of our product. On the other hand we have set up 3 different places to make the accelerated aging test by using some special equipments to reflect the 3 different environment conditions such as tropical islands, deserts and inland areas, this will also ensure our products are of high anti-UV resistance.

Are LIUHOME products flammable?

Our thatch roof sheets are made of natural fire proof material so it is non-flammable. Also we can supply Class A and B fire-retardant option for our thatch roof tile products with fire retardant additive added during production to make them non-flammable.

Can LIUHOME products be used in all weather types?

Yes. Many customers have used LIUHOME products in heavy snow areas as well as tropical areas.