Starting from scratch, Our exports have reached 10 million USD per year.
GreenShip's patended products fill up the blank of industry.
1993.10 Established Yuzhou GreenShip Garden Supplies Producing Co.,Ltd

2009.03 Started to use”Greenship” as our first brand

Greenship evolves from a small, family-run workshop into a successful professional garden supplies producing company.
1998.03 Invented SPW flower pots

1999.05 Application of the first patent for Invention

1999.06 Application of the first design patent

2001.06 Application of the first patent for Utility Model

2018.04 We own more than 100 patents
2003.05 Got the import and export license

2003.10 Took part in Canton Fair
2011.10 Established Qingdao Greenship Garden Supplies Producing Co.,Ltd

2010.08 Started to use “G-boat” as our qingdao factory’s brand
2012.02 Established Zhengzhou Sales Company

2013 Established Henan Green Ship E-commerce Co.,LTD

2015 Registered LIUHOME as our fence and thatch hut products’ brand

2017 Registered “绿品家” as our supermarket chains’ brand

2018 Established Qingdao Lvpinjia Trading Co., Ltd