Thatch hut from LiuHOME was displayed at IAAPA Asia Expo, it’s amazing!

The IAAPA Asia Expo 2019 & Theme Park and Amusement Equipment Exhibition was held at the Shanghai International Expo Center in China from June 11 to 14,2019.
As the largest exhibition and conference of amusement facilities and tourist attractions in Asia, it gathered creative products of more than 300 companies from all over the world, and attracted participants from over 60 countries and regions.
As a world-class manufacturer of flower pots and gardening products, GreenShip was invited to participate in IAAPA Asia Expo 2019 with its LiuHOME products.

LiuHOME is the exclusive brand of large outdoor leisure products such as the fences and thatch huts of GreenShip. It advocates a healthy, safe, leisurely and comfortable lifestyle.
The products are suitable for theme parks, amusement parks, museums, exhibition venues, resorts, heritage villages and ecological farms as well as ordinary residential areas and tropical exotic areas. It was created by Mr. Liu Zixue, the founder of GreenShip. It is the origin of the brand.
The products from LiuHOME are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, durable, fireproof, anti-UV and anti-aging. The life span of product is up to 20 years, which fulfills the mission of GreenShip: less white more green.
This time, the products we carried mainly included thatch roof sheets, thatch roof tiles, thatch hut, fences and bamboo. The highlights were the curled thatch roof tiles and curled fences that our company just launched this year.
Compared with the previous, these new products have a curled effect in old gray, which are closer to nature and have been praised and favored by many businessmen.
Fences, bamboos and thatch huts, the classic best-selling products of our company, were very popular as usual.

At the exhibition, our company took advantage of the products to decorate the booth to be a holiday resort. It was like a paradise in the grand exhibition, attracting many domestic and foreign merchants to stop and inquire.
Twenty percent of them are from Lebanon, India, Russia. Others are from domestic leisure resorts, design companies, engineering companies, real estate developers, water parks, zoos and so on. It has laid a good foundation for our company to advance into the domestic market through this opportunity.
LiuHOME, making thatch hut, since 1993.