125 China import and export commodities fair

With the spring comes , with gentle wind and sunshine,everything is full of vitality. 
the 2019 Spring Canton Fair is also coming under the expectation of everyone during such a wonderful time. The Greenship, as an old friend of the Canton Fair, is full of enthusiasm and carrying thousands of sincere works, and arrive to the booth of the Canton Fair Phase II Garden and Garden Pavilion in advance.

At this exhibition, our booth design style is different from the previous ones. First of all, we changed our original design concept and turned the exhibition hall into an oxygen bar.
Looking around, you will find the exhibition hall full of green plants, emitting a strong green atmosphere, quiet and leisurely. A closer look will find that everything in the landscape is our Greenship products, such as wall pots, stair pots, thatch tiles , fiber fencing, pots and so on. These exhibits not only the art in the flower pots but the practical products in the art . The Greenship flower pots make the perfect combination of art and products come true.

Secondly, our company has focused on the effective combination of product and space in terms of design style, which is committed to showing the coexistence of beauty and practicality.
Therefore, our company has built the entire booth into the style of the sky garden. not only can make full use of the exhibition hall,but also show our brand  :
greenship/g-boat/liuhome/beatceramic   one by one.
Such unique exhibition halls and products have attracted many customers from home and abroad, and have won praise and favor from many guests. 

Our company also brought a lot of new products at the Canton Fair this year.
What is it ?  
please go to the site to enjoy the beauty !  
we are waiting for you at booth #5.1A 06,07,08,5.1B 17,18,19 from April 23 to 27,2019.
We look forward to sharing the spring and the green together with you in this season of blooming flowers.