G-BOAT Brand is one of the brands of Greenship Group and inherits the Group concept of being the carrier for green.

On the basis of the SPW material, the G-BOAT Brand design team is dedicated to design the most modern, popular flower pots to meet the harmonious decoration for the high-quality living pursuer.

Thus, the most distinctive feature for this brand product locates at the design looking, which represents the fashion trends. Besides, the products are manufactured by Qingdao Greenship factory which is new-built and near to the Qingdao port; on behalf of these advantages, all the customers' modern requirements could be satisfied by these products.



Greenship brand derives from the Greenship Group's origin - Yuzhou City, the first capital of ancient China. Owe to the heritage of ancient culture, the Greenship products represent the dignity and elegance.

For the Greenship brand design team, it concentrates on providing the most classical, practical as well as beautiful planters on the basis of the creation of the traditional molding process. Besides classical planters and urns, the Greenship products also include thatch roofing tiles and fencing, which are made of polypropylene and have natural looking.

All the Greenship products create features for your living. They are perfect to your indoor and outdoor landscaping designs.